5 Surprising Insights You Can Gain When You Read A Person’s Akashic Record

The Akashic Records are an etheric ‘place’ that exists, which hold all the information about our souls – past, present and future. Every person, animal, place, and event has its own soul record in the Akashic Records.

If you can read the records, you are able to find out all kinds of fascinating information about who you are on the soul level – and who other people are, too!

In the past, I’ve covered how through the Akashic Records we can find out info like, where your soul originated, what you’ve been doing between lifetimes, what you are learning in this incarnation, and what your primary intuitive gift is (to name just a few options.)

In this article I’m going to cover several other pieces of information that we can look up in the Akashic Record.

1. What Kind of Lifetime Is the Soul In?

As an Akashic Record reader, it has been obvious to me for some time that as souls, we are all here on earth in a body for different reasons. Here are some reasons for souls to come here:

Learning Lifetime

Many souls come here to have experiences which change us on the soul level, allowing us to expand into new qualities and integrate these into our being.

For example, a soul decides to incarnate to learn both patience and perseverance and she does this by enjoying great success, but it is success that comes over slowly over time, and success that she has to work very hard for (and overcome many obstacles to achieve!)

By the time that lifetime is over, the soul has learned something about the energetic qualities of being patient and not quitting, that she will take with her into subsequent incarnations.

Many of us are in lifetimes where learning is our top priority on the soul level.

Holiday Lifetime

On the other hand, there are also souls who are here to enjoy themselves and have a good time – no (or very minimal) learning required.

This often happens when the soul has had an intense series of incarnations, in which there was a lot of learning and evolution happening, and so they decide to rejuvenate themselves and gather their energies, with a holiday lifetime.

These are usually the kind of lives where not a lot out of the ordinary happens – the soul tends to incarnate into a loving family, has relationships that are generally uneventful, and will not experience any significant setbacks or hardships.

Contribution Lifetime

This sort of lifetime is one where the soul is here to contribute something of importance to their community or to the world at large. This soul usually feels a strong sense of purpose. Maybe they are meant to work with a certain group of people, fight for a particular cause, invent something, or be Prime Minister (to name just a few possibilities.)

If this applies, the person will usually feel a strong sense of purpose and mission.

Support Lifetime

This is a lifetime where you are not so much a leading man/lady in your own story, but you’re here to be in a support role for someone else. This means that another person has lessons they are choosing to learn and experiences they want to have here, but they need you to play an essential part, to help them to learn those lessons and have those experiences.

For example, maybe you have a disabled child, and the experience of parenting this child causes  you to grow into a different person, than you were before. The soul of that child is likely to be in a support lifetime, essentially enabling you to have certain experiences that you signed up for, even before you got here.

Often I find souls choose a couple of these roles as their priority for any given lifetime – e.g. a holiday lifetime plus support lifetime, or a contribution and learning lifetime, but some may choose three.)

For me personally, it has been especially interesting researching the people in my personal life and finding out why they are here.

(Note to existing Akashic Record Reading Program students – the protocol for researching this has been added to the course forums, in the ‘further information on the soul’s past & gifts’ section.)

Also, just to clarify that this part of a reading looks into the soul’s PRIMARY focus – we do work with all 4 energies in our lives. E.g. Just because we are in a ‘holiday lifetime’ doesn’t mean we won’t contribute or learn anything. And just because we’re in a ‘learning lifetime’ doesn’t mean we won’t go through phases of our life where the learning slows down a bit and becomes more leisurely, like a holiday lifetime.

Let’s have a look at something else we can find out in the Akashic Records:

2. How Many Earthly Lifetimes a Soul Has Had

When we read the Akashic Records, we can ask how many earthly lifetimes we have had, in the entire history of our soul.

This can be interesting and validating – some soul groups tend not to come here very often, and so sometimes the soul can feel less than comfortable, or ‘out of place’ here.

Other souls have a long, long history of being here (some have even been coming here for hundreds of thousands of years) and may feel tired of this place as a result.

I’ve seen souls with over one hundred earthly lifetimes under their belt and souls with only a few.

If you ask this question in the Akashic Records, it is good to bear in mind that how many earthly lifetimes a soul has had does not equate to how evolved that soul is – it does not mean anything about the soul’s age, or breadth of experience.

This is because all lifetimes are recorded in the Akashic Records – no matter how short they are.

Some souls have tried out lots of short lifetimes. So 10 short earthly lifetimes could in some cases be equal to 1 longer one in terms of what the soul gets to experience.

Plus, star traveller souls incarnate elsewhere, too, and some soul groups rarely come here at all, while they may incarnate in other places. We don’t know enough about what those lifetimes may look like, whether time even exists there, how evolution occurs or even the pace of that evolution. So, those lifetimes are often meaningful, too – but they won’t show up as earthly incarnations in the person’s soul record.

3. Is A Person’s Current Career a Good Fit for Their Soul Gifts?

I love answering this question, and it’s a great and very practical use of the information we can find in the Akashic Records.

When clients ask this, I get a percentage of alignment for the client’s current job with their soul gifts. We can also get percentages for any potential job/career the client is thinking of shifting to.

For example, let’s say that my client Clare is a Mintakan soul (which means she loves to help others to evolve spiritually, and she is here to bring positive, uplifting energies.) And she is trained in the 4th realm, which corresponds to the heart chakra, so she is a healer, as well.

Plus maybe when we look into her other soul gifts, we find that she has had lots of past lives as a counsellor/advisor, and maybe this is a role she has had on the other side, too (helping souls to process their most recent lifetime in the life review.)

So when she tells me she has been offered work as a debt collections officer, we get that that work is only 30% aligned with her soul gifts, which means that it is not going to use her soul gifts, so she’ll be unfulfilled.

Ideally, we are looking for something closer to 100% – a role that allows Clare to be working with people on their spiritual growth and evolution, ideally in a healing or counselling role. So when she also is thinking about training as a psychotherapist, we know we’re “getting warmer”, and we can get a percentage and find out exactly what that alignment is. It might be 80% aligned, which is much better.

Since it’s still not an ideal alignment, we can add things in to the potential career and tweak it (e.g. an equine therapist/ a psychotherapist who is also a coach/a therapist who works with children) and then get a new alignment for each of those, in a percentage.

Or it could be Clare’s ideal and aligned career is a mixture of two roles.

Basically, the more you are using your soul gifts in your work, the more fulfilled you will be, and the more you contribute to the world, which usually translates to greater prosperity, too.

(Looking at career options is a process I teach existing Akashic Record readers in my Intuitive Reading Program.)

Let’s have a look at another possible question we can ask in the records:

4. How many past lives we’ve shared with another soul, and what kind of lifetimes/relationships were they?

Have you ever met someone, and had a strong sense that you knew each other in a past life? Maybe you felt comfortable with this person straight away, or you felt drawn to them like a magnet? Or maybe the person evokes a strong emotional response in you, that does not feel proportionate or appropriate to what the relationship is in this lifetime?

If so, this may be a past life connection. And if you can read the Akashic Records, you can find out how many times you have encountered this soul in the past, and what the nature of those relationships were.

For example, I recently read the soul record belonging to a person who came into my life and found we have shared 10 lifetimes together, specifically as co-workers, employee/employer, and classmates, which helped to put the sense I had about this person into context.

It is also striking when you come across a soul who you have been in a romantic relationship with for many lifetimes. Even if you’re not meant to be in a romantic relationship with that soul in this lifetime, you may be able to feel the echoes of the past relationships in the present dynamics, and it can create an unusual level of familiarity or intimacy that can feel unsettling and may feel inappropriate. So in scenarios like those, it can be validating to do a bit of research and find out what you were to one another in the past.

(Researching shared past lives is something I also teach existing Akashic Record readers to do in my Intuitive Reading Program.)

Let’s delve into another question that I sometimes ask about my clients:

5. Has This Person Had More Male or Female Incarnations?

Lots of souls show a slight preference for incarnating as male/female – this simply means that the soul has more experience in a male/female body, and in some cases may feel a lot more comfortable being one sex over the other, due to the fact that historically there tended to be clear gender roles that we occupied when here on earth in either a male or a female body.

For example, some souls might show up as having been male or female during 75-80% + of their earthly incarnations. These are the souls who might be prone to experiencing gender dysphoria when they come into a body that does not match the majority of their other lifetimes.

Are you interested in learning to read the Akashic Records?

akashic records

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  1. Sandra Ozuns

    How can I obtain my personal record?

  2. Paul Schofield

    Hi Anna, Thank you for a very enlightening article, readers may be interested in the following question with answer from the spirit world, obtained at the Hutton Schofield Circle:

    Can you tell us something about our past lives?
    “To build upon a lifetime’s experiences sometimes takes many attempts. Mistakes are made and the chance to rectify them is soon past. It is a law within you to have to participate again and again the experience of an earth life. You will get things right as you whittle away at those bad things that hold you back until eventually the purity of you is sufficient to take you forward without looking back again. Some visit many times, others not so many, but all have to reach the same purity of spirit to open the key of the door.”

  3. Anne

    How much does an Akashic Reading cost?


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