How Spirit Guides & Angels Can Help Us With Conscious Creation

Hi Anna,

I’d like to see a blog article that goes into how Spirit Guides and angels are relevant (or aren’t) to a Law of Assumption (LOA) practice.

What is the point of asking for the help from these beings; wouldn’t that put you in the mindset of asking instead of assuming? Also, how does intuition play into the LOA? A Law of Assumption YouTuber I watched said that intuition/gut feeling is actually just an alert that you’re shifting timelines (basically, you have a hunch that your partner is cheating on you, and you’re right, because you manifested the situation).

— Diana

Hi Diana,

I’ve been using the Law of Assumption since 2022 but I worked as a spiritual writer and intuitive for 15 years before I became interested in conscious creation. So, I do have some opinions on the place of guides, angels and other helpers in a Law of Assumption practice, based on my experiences. But as always, please take what resonates with you and discard the rest.

Firstly, you’re right that conscious creation is about assuming. After all, it’s called the Law of Assumption. But I’ve also noticed that at least in my case, asking or praying seems to help manifest an intention just as well as assuming does. So I do petition my higher self and the angels when I have an intention I’d like to create, in addition to using other Law of Assumption techniques.

You also asked what place Spirit Guides and angels have in a Law of Assumption practice.

My experience is that working with guides and angels is very helpful when consciously manifesting a new outcome.

What happens when you set an intention to create something new, is that you have to travel along what Neville Goddard calls a Bridge of Incidents. Obviously when you set a new intention, your desired reality doesn’t instantly appear in your life in a puff of smoke. In most cases, the earth plane has to shift to accommodate that intention, and your intention has to fit the story you’re already living and make sense within that story. So, the Bridge of Incidents will unfold, and will allow the story of your new intention to fit in with your existing story.

The Bridge of Incidents isn’t always easy or simple to travel along. Sometimes the scenarios that show up can demand a lot of you, especially if you’re manifesting a big change (— I wrote about that here.) Sometimes there are opportunities you don’t know if you should pursue (is it going to lead me towards my goal or away from it?)

Being sensitive to your intuition is very helpful because it will direct you towards the steps that will help you achieve your goals. I have had so many times in the last couple of years when I’ve noticed that intuition is a real boon when working with the Law of Assumption.

To give a couple of examples of how I’ve been helped by intuition when manifesting…

Spirit has given me phrases to Google and those phrases opened up the next thing I need to explore to manifest my goal.

I’ve woken up from a dream with the name of a real person in my head (someone whose existence I did not know of) and when I Google that person and find them online, their work is relevant to a problem I was having.

When I was having past life flashbacks, I was given the date of an earthquake in California that I experienced in a past life. Releasing and understanding this past life was relevant to what I have been manifesting.

It has struck me multiple times that my intuitive skills were of intense benefit while I’ve been on this path.

The other thing to know about the Bridge of Incidents is that it can occasionally be quite difficult. It was for me and so I have called on the angels many times over the last few years. Angels can really help you when you’re struggling on your path so why not take advantage of that resource (I also wrote about that here.)

I have seen some people in the manifestation community claim that there are no Spirit Guides or angels, unless you manifest them because you believe in them. Some followers of Neville Goddard’s work who say these things are simply sharing their personal beliefs. Beliefs are informed by experiences. I’ve observed with interest that many of the followers of Neville Goddard’s work that I’ve engaged with did not have spiritual beliefs or experiences before they came into the LOA community.

The Law of Assumption cannot be separated from the rest of reality.

It’s an important law but it is not ‘all that is’. It’s one of many laws — both spiritual and natural — that govern this reality.

Another spiritual law is that we are not alone on our path through life — we get help. We are helped before we’re born, during our life and after we die. If we have a difficult death and we get stuck, there are beings available who can help us to cross over to the other side, and this has always been a feature of the spiritual realm. In addition, we are all assigned at least one guide at birth and usually two angels for our journey through life.

So, we are all connected and we help one another in various ways on a spiritual level. This is a spiritual law — what helps one, helps everyone. What hurts one, hurts the collective. This spiritual law doesn’t stop operating just because a person is using the Law of Assumption in a conscious way and they don’t believe that humans have any kind of spiritual support in place.

I may be getting a little off topic in saying this, but I think I also differ from many other students (and teachers) of the Law of Assumption in that I believe that we don’t come into this life as blank slates who can achieve absolutely anything. I think we have probabilities, not possibilities. (I was interested to read that this is something that the physicist and consciousness explorer Thomas Campbell also believes, because he has concluded that we live in a simulation and having infinite possibilities would require too many resources.)

I think lots of things are possible for lots of people.

But I don’t think it’s correct to say anything is possible.

What if you’re a small child who lives in poverty in the third world and dies in a natural disaster before they’re 3? That child did not have infinite possibilities.

So, I do think our soul’s plan for this life affects what is possible and probable. Our previous experiences here on earth also affect who we are, and what is probable for us. Our childhood is a reflection of our past life karma or ‘baggage’, and our childhood conditions us, perpetuating that karma into adulthood. Consciously manifesting a new outcome allows us to break out of the same old karma and probabilities that we’ve been working with (often for many lifetimes,) transcend it and create something new.

Predicting the future

As for the observation that intuition is just alerting you to what you’re manifesting (and you gave the example of being cheated on by a partner and knowing about it ahead of time):

I think this does often apply, that you are manifesting a particular outcome, and so you know about it in advance. But in my opinion, it’s not the whole story — it’s just one layer of it.

I believe that sometimes we make soul contracts with other souls to have experiences on the earth plane, before we come here. Sure, these contracts can be probabilities, rather than things that are set in stone, but some of them are strong probabilities. If you marry someone and have a child with them, it’s highly likely that this person is known to you in the spirit world and you had a contract to meet them. If you are learning power, self-worth or self-love in this lifetime, it could be that this person is going to cheat on you because you have a contract which is about you learning to walk away from a bad situation and put yourself first. Perhaps you haven’t been able to do that before in your past lives, and now it’s time to try it out. This soul and his behaviour will give you an opportunity to learn more about self-worth or self-love (although with this example, I’m not suggesting that people who don’t walk away from cheaters lack self-worth. Let’s say that this example is just what is right for this particular soul.)

You could have the sense that you manifested that situation and on a deeper level, you did. But there’s an additional layer that is often ignored by LOA practitioners, and it’s the layer of what the soul is doing here, and why. That exists too, and it’s intertwined with what you are manifesting.

In conclusion, by using the Law of Assumption to consciously create new outcomes, we can choose the highest timeline for our lives and bust out of old, negative probabilities that have kept us stuck in the past. Our Spirit Guides and angels want that for us, and they also want to come along for the ride and help us.

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  1. Diana Hernandez

    This was my question; thank you for this blog response.

    My inner critic tries to get everything right; that’s its job, but when it is leading the cavalry, I forget that I’m more than myopic assault. Your article was a good reminder of that, as there are many different layers, and even states of being at play. For example, at some level, we’re all Source, but, we’re unlikely to be acting from a 100% pure Source place because we’re also human at another level (a level at which we’re a lot more accustomed and requires no exertion to achieve). It’s not an accident, punishment, or something to overcome, our short stint as humans. Just experienced.

    I liked how you digested the different information you have taught and explored through this website. Thank you sharing your understanding of the tapestry. You articles are always so generous, interesting, and helpful.

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi again, Diana, Thanks for commenting & glad to hear you find my articles helpful!


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