Are There Any Limits to Using the Law of Assumption?

I’ve noticed that some hardcore followers of Law of Assumption teachings insist that literally anything is possible, because Neville Goddard gave a lecture in 1969 entitled “All Things Are Possible”, where he quoted the Bible and specifically the book of Mark, which says “All things are possible to him who believes.”

Such hardcore believers of the Law of Assumption say things such as:

  • It’s possible to bring back those who are long dead using the Law of Assumption
  • Its possible to change species
  • It’s possible to change ethnicity
  • It’s possible to defy gravity.

These believers state that these things are possible, but they have not shared their success story of being able to achieve these things in 3D reality, and nor have any other Law of Assumption students.

Therefore, there are clearly limits to the Law of Assumption. The Law of Assumption is just one spiritual law that governs reality here on Earth. We can use it to manifest certain new outcomes, but there are other spiritual laws and laws of nature, and the Law of Assumption doesn’t trump other laws.

Here are some examples of other laws:

The law of oneness — we are souls who are energetically connected to each other by virtue of having our spiritual origins from the same Source/God/Creator/Infinite intelligence. We cannot sever this connection and we will always be a part of the whole, whether we like it or not

The law of gravity — if you jump off a cliff, you’ll fall to the ground

The law of natural cycles and rhythms — if you want to have a baby, that baby isn’t going to gestate in one weekend. The sun will definitely rise and set tomorrow. Autumn will follow summer (at least in locations where there are defined seasons.)

These are just a few examples of the laws that govern earthly reality.

You cannot manifest any of these laws away using the Law of Assumption.

Here are the current limits of the Law of Assumption, as I see it:

You can’t change ethnicity. I’m clearly a white woman. I’m not going to be able to change my DNA and become a black woman or a Chinese woman, no matter how much I may want it or visualise it.

You can bring the dead back if they’ve just died from a heart attack or drowned 10 seconds ago but you can’t bring the dead back once they’re verifiably dead for a while & buried or cremated (although you can commune with them in their non physical form.) The only way currently you can permanently reunite with the dead is to join them in the non-physical realm, which is obviously not recommended unless you want to lose your life.

You can’t change species. No woman can give birth to an animal of another species nor can any of us grow wings and fly.

You can’t defy gravity, at least not at this particular moment in time with our current technological capabilities.

The body is capable of miraculous feats of healing, and almost every part of the body (including organs) can be regrown or regenerated but no-one who was born without a limb has ever grown one. (I’m not saying that this will never be possible in the future, but right now it appears not to be.)

There are also the limits of particular physical attributes (such as height and age) that you may need to work within.

For example, I am 5ft tall and pushing 40, with no experience or training as an athlete. It’s unlikely that I’m about to start a career as the world’s most talented NBA player.

Likewise, your 100 year old great-grandmother is unlikely to break the women’s 100m sprinting world record.

I can’t believe any of the above needs stating and that people would argue these points, but there we go.

Yes, Neville Goddard said anything is possible BUT Law of Assumption teachers such as Neville and Joseph Murphy never talked about bringing the dead back or jumping off cliffs and defying gravity. They qualified “anything is possible” with talk of manifesting ordinary things, such as a job, improved health, money or love.

  • Have a ruptured relationship with a loved one that seems like it will never be restored? You can reconcile and heal the relationship – anything is possible
  • Been homeless and on the street for 10 years? You can manifest a home and even live in great luxury if you want to, in the future – anything is possible
  • Have a dis- ease that you’ve been told you can’t heal from? You can regain your health – anything is possible
  • Aged 80 and never had a romantic relationship before? You can find a partner if you want one – anything is possible.

Those are the sorts of seemingly unlikely or impossible outcomes I believe they were referring to.

It’s fine to be excited about the Law of Assumption and its possibilities, but the best use of this Law is to make your 3D life better, not to attempt to defy the other spiritual laws and laws of nature. We each have an allotted amount of energy available for conscious (or unconscious) creation each day. For the most part, using this energy in an attempt to defy the other laws that govern earthly reality, is a waste of energy.

P.S. I predict that we’re a long way from being able to resurrect the dead or switch species using technology, but having said that, there may be some value in manifesting technologies that we require and that are currently not in existence (and perhaps this was also a part of what the book of Mark was referring to, where it is stated that “all things are possible to him who believes”.) So, for example, if you were born without a limb and want to grow one yourself, it might be worthwhile to focus on the technologies that may be in the pipeline to do that.

Further Resources & Reading:

I offer a free online resource for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption — it’s a collection of online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. It’s quite a comprehensive resource and can help take you from A to B with almost any intention. You can find that here.

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