Discoveries on the Path of Spiritual Awakening – An Interview with Shar Jason

Shar Jason is an Australia-based intuitive who I first got to know when she was training as an Akashic Record Reader through my Akashic Record Reading Program.

Shar has had a fascinating life path and in this interview I want to find out about her journey becoming an intuitive, and hopefully gain some tips, insights and lessons for those on a path of psychic development.

In the interview, we discuss:

★ Her experiences with Spirit in her early years

 Her biggest fears and challenges about becoming a psychic medium

 At what point did she feel she was ready to go professional as a psychic & how did she know it was time

 Her experiences with exploring her past lives

 The meaning of seeing repeating numbers everywhere (e.g. 333 or 11:11)

And more!

So, welcome Shar.

So, my first question: growing up, what was your background spiritually speaking? Were you always interested in psychic development and metaphysics?

Shar: Hi Anna, it’s great to be interviewed.

Yes, as a teenager I used to see people in spirit in my room during the night. My dog would bark at them and I was really scared and just want them to go away. After a couple of years I didn’t see them anymore. I didn’t realise that these visitations were because I was a medium until decades later, after I started to go through a spiritual awakening which unlocked my natural gifts. Spirituality in some respect has always been my hobby. My mum, sister and I have been doing psychic readings on each other and reading spiritual books for as long as I can remember.

Anna: So, at what point in your life did you realise you had psychic abilities?

Shar: After my awakening started in my thirties, I noticed that my psychic gifts really started to grow and I became interested in developing them as much as I could. As I did psychic development courses I realised that I had always been using my psychic abilities during my life to some degree, but that they could do with some ‘fine tuning’. The courses I took helped me to know which clairs needed some extra work and allowed me to develop my skills to a high level. Psychic development for me was a lot about building a relationship with my Spirit Guides, and figuring out how I worked as a psychic and how I could best help others. Everyone has their own special gifts and works with Spirit in a unique way.

Anna: That’s very true. So did you always know that you wanted to be a professional intuitive/medium? How did that unfold for you?

Shar: Actually it didn’t occur to me that I could make a career out of working in the spiritual industry until I was in my thirties. I had always thought of my spiritual side as a hobby and had a belief that I had to have an ordinary day job to pay the bills. It was really exciting when I realised that I could do what I feel like I was born to do (i.e. psychic readings) and have that as my income stream as well. It took a while to build up my business, but it was so worth it. I started out as a Tarot reader doing general life readings and my business has morphed and changed many times since then.

Anna: Yes, and now you also offer mediumship, numerology and past life regression, in addition to your psychic readings (which we’ll talk about a bit later.)

To move onto a slightly different topic, you also talk a lot about spiritual awakening on your blog. How did you come to spiritually awaken and what does that term mean to you?

Shar: I love talking about spiritual awakening. My awakening started at age 30 after what some people would call a “dark night of the soul” where I lost all my money and my life as I knew it (Note from Anna: Shar has written about her awakening here.) This put a big crack in my identity – I didn’t know who I was anymore and started questioning my existence. This started me on my spiritual awakening journey, and ten years later I’m still a work in progress.

Anna: A spiritual awakening is definitely not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure! So when you got onto this path and first started this work, what was your biggest fear and what helped you overcome that fear?

Shar: I got to a point where I wanted to do public mediumship shows but I had a big fear of public speaking. This had come from a past life where I was shamed and killed in public, after being accused of being a witch. I did a lot of healing work around this including Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), past life regressions, and some practical coaching work. I started with really small mediumship events and built my way up to the big events. I was scared every step of the way, but it got easier and easier, and made me realise just how much I could achieve.

Anna: That’s great that you conquered that fear bit by bit. What about the other challenges of being an intuitive/medium? Because obviously mediumship is not something you choose when you want to take the path of least resistance. It takes a lot of courage, for example. 

Shar: Well, a lot of the work I do as an intuitive & medium is actually about helping clients through very difficult times or helping them with challenging decisions. At times I can feel a lot of pressure to be accurate and can worry about the consequences of being wrong. I lay out as much information as I can intuitively see and then guide my clients to make decisions for themselves, as I believe an intuitive reading should be an empowering experience. As an emotional empath, I can really feel what my client is going through, and I truly want the best for them. Letting go of the outcome of the reading was a big challenge for me.

Anna: Good advice. Is there any other advice that you have for anyone who wants to give readings professionally?

Shar: Start with charging a price that’s in your comfort zone – even if it’s $5. Some exchange of money seems to help the process, it’s like it is taken more seriously by everyone – even the spirit world. Then increase your prices as your experience grows so you always feel like you’re giving a fair exchange for your gifts.

Also, keep working on your psychic development, self-development and healing (where necessary). The best psychics are the ones with the least “baggage”, as they are a clearer channel for Spirit.

Anna: All right. my next question is: as a medium, how did you learn to tell the difference between the different types of spirits e.g. spirits of the deceased vs. spirit guides vs. angels? 

Shar: I found the easiest way, was to sit quietly and ask them to come in one at a time so I could feel the difference. For example a person in spirit you might feel behind you, an angel you may feel over the top of your head, and a spirit guide may always stand by your left side. You get really good at noticing the really subtle changes in energy and your environment, when you do this work.

Anna: This is a tricky one for me, actually (that’s why I am asking, as you are a more skilled medium than I am.) When I do readings for people, I tune into their Spirit Guides at the end of the reading and I pass on a name and an appearance/personality to the client. Occasionally, a client will tell me ‘Oh that’s not my guide, that’s actually my deceased friend/relative.” I still cannot tell the difference between deceased loved ones and guides at times!

Anna: Have you ever seen a spirit with your bare eyes?

Shar: I usually see them more as balls of light, or almost like a moth dancing around, but I have also seen full body apparitions. Typically I see them in my mind’s eye, but from time to time one will just be there. I saw an old lady sitting in the study in the house I’m currently living in, a couple of weeks ago.

Anna: Moving on to the topic of past lives….as a past life regressionist, how did you discover past life regressions and that you wanted to incorporate this into your work?

Shar: I’ve always loved looking at my own past lives and have seen over twenty of mine. I wanted to add an element of healing to what I offer and found that past life regressions are not only amazing at unraveling deep karmic patterns, but they are extremely healing. They can heal you on a much deeper level than a lot of other healing modalities as you are getting to the root of the problem and healing the issue where it originally started.

Anna: Yes, I’ve tried past life regression too (done over a dozen regressions) and agree with you on that.

So, as a psychic-medium, how do you use your intuition in your daily life?

Shar: I love to let my body guide me. I believe the wisdom in our body shows what is best for us, so I tune in to see what my body thinks about something. If I’m making a decision, does my stomach tighten, does my heart beat faster, or do I feel expansive? It’s a bit like learning a new language, but once you get the hang of it, it never lets you down.

Anna: Yes, so true. (Our bodies give us guidance through the gift of clairsentience and it’s the most down-to-earth of the clair gifts.)

You are also an Akashic Record reader in addition to being an intuitive. What is the single most important thing you have learned through learning to read the Akashic Records?

Shar: I have learnt that we are here to learn! The life lesson section of Akashic Record readings is my favourite part. It’s probably also the most difficult for clients to hear. One of the reasons we incarnate is to work through some life lessons, such as self-love, persistence and strength. Knowing this information can give you so much understanding and peace about why things are happening in your life. You can see the greater purpose in challenges that occur and feel like you’re making soul progress, even when times are tough.

Anna: Something else I wanted to ask you about, as you are a numerologist, what do you feel is the meaning of seeing repeated numbers everywhere e.g. 111, 22:22 or 444?

Shar: I think repeating numbers are mostly to get our attention – it shows us that maybe the world as we know it is perhaps not the reality – so it often happens when people are starting to awaken spiritually. I’ve noticed that they seem to come back again when you go through another shift in consciousness. It’s best with repeating numbers to find out what they mean to you specifically, and then you’ll know when they come back around again what it means – for example, I see lots of 33’s and 3.33, because I’m a life path number 33. When I’m seeing this, I know I’m on the right path and to keep going, but seeing repeating threes for other people may mean that you are working on healing your emotional body, or learning how to express yourself.

Anna: And as a medium, do you think anyone can do what you do, or is mediumship a gift that only a select few have?

Shar: I think it’s possible that anyone could train to be a medium, but it seems to come more naturally for some. When people start to awaken spiritually in some way, natural gifts start to reveal themselves – this may be healing hands, a channeling ability or an ability to manifest. I believe mediumship is one of these gifts that can come forward for some – as part of someone’s genetic and karmic makeup.

Anna: Who are the mentors who have had a big impact on your spiritual path & what did you learn from them?

Shar: The biggest mentor I have had is someone I have never met. He is a spiritual teacher called Adyashanti that I follow on YouTube, and I sometimes do his courses. He was a game changer for me and my awakening due to his practical and straight-forward way of being able to explain the truth of our existence.

Anna: I also see on your website that you love to give back to charities with your business. Which are your favourite charities that you feel people should know more about?

Shar: I like to donate to a different charity every month, so sometimes I choose one local to where I am, sometimes an environmental charity, other times one for children – I love everyone and everything so it’s very hard for me to choose one sometimes! My favourite charity is one called ‘Embracing the World’ which was started by Amma – The Hugging Saint. She is an amazing woman that does fantastic work..

Anna: OK – thanks so much Shar for doing this interview with me. 

Shar Jason loves to connect with people all over the world on Skype, through readings, regressions, and intuitive coaching. She is passionate about helping people to find their life purpose and guiding them through a spiritual awakening with online talks and intuitive readings

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