Manifesting Good Health Using the Law of Assumption — Part 2

In this article I’m going to share some tips and instructions for using the Law of Assumption to manifest good health.

This is totally possible!

If you’re feeling skeptical, this is totally natural, and so in part 1 of this series on changing your health, I talked about how to expand your awareness of what is possible through the Law of Assumption, in the area of your health.

If you haven’t read part 1, I recommend that you do that before continuing with this article. 

(Just a note that I am abbreviating the Law of Assumption to “LOA” in this series of articles.)

Now let’s have a look at how you can use the LOA to manifest better health

I am going to use the example of the menopause in this article. Let’s say that someone called “Brenda” is going through the menopause and suffering from symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia and mood issues. This is disrupting her life and she wants to manifest a change in her health. In this article, I’m going to give a plan for doing this, using Brenda as our example.

The first step in this process is simply to set an intention.

Neville Goddard, a leading teacher of the Law of Assumption, believed in the idea of many parallel realities, and that we shift from one reality to another, and one self to another, based on our intentions.

The spiritual writer and quantum physicist Vadim Zeland called this ‘shifting lifelines’. His idea was that we align with a particular reality based on what we are emitting through our intentions, thoughts, assumptions and reactions to life. The quality of the energy that we emit places us on a ‘lifeline’ that is a match for this energy. And so what you see around you in the 3D is always a match for what you are thinking, believing, assuming and feeling about life and yourself.

Here is what I wrote about lifelines in my article: How I Waved Good-bye to Seasonal Depression:

I learned about lifelines from the book ‘Reality Transurfing’ by the Russian quantum physicist & mystic Vadim Zeland. In it, he teaches that all of time is happening at once. All possibilities that could ever be, already exist and are happening all at once. As the Bible states, creation is finished. We don’t create possibilities in our lives, instead we choose the ones we want, and we travel along ‘lifelines’ to the realities we choose. Absolutely every possible scenario that you could encounter in your life, already exists as a possibility for you to choose, in the quantum field. (Most people are not choosing consciously). We spend our lives travelling along various lifelines, until we reach the end of our lives. There are countless favourable lifelines and unfavourable lifelines running parallel to one another.

Let’s take Brenda’s example. There are many possible versions of Brenda that exist on various lifelines that she can choose from. There’s a version of Brenda where she is completely untroubled by menopause symptoms and is in excellent health. There’s also a version where she is living in a nightmare with her health and can’t get any sleep. In this version, she is feeling anxious, depressed and just very unwell. There’s also many versions of her in between those two extremes. All of those versions exist — if she wants to manifest a change in her health, she doesn’t have to “create” the one she wants, instead all she needs to do is choose and then align with the desired version of herself that is enjoying great health.

Let’s talk about the choosing part first of all, which is the simplest out of all of this. (In the next article in this series, I’ll also talk about the work you can to align with what you have chosen!)

What you need to do for this part is simply come up with an intention for what you want to create in your health. And then do a little ceremony to set the intention (- I have provided one in this article.)

Make sure your intention is worded in the positive. For example, Brenda might set the intention as follows:

“I am in excellent health. My mood is stable; I am full of energy; I enjoy the right amount of restorative sleep, and I feel great.”

An example of a poor intention to set would be:

“I am no longer troubled by menopause symptoms.” 

Don’t put the name of your health condition in the intention (in this example, I realise that the menopause isn’t a “health condition” but you get the gist). Don’t mention what you’re suffering from at all — instead just find the opposite of what you are currently dealing with, that you don’t want, and state that. The reasoning behind this is, that you don’t want to put your focus on what you do not want – instead you want to focus on what you DO want to see in your 3D reality.

OK, now we’ve set the intention.

Once you’ve set the intention, metaphysically, it is done. You are already there. This is because in the metaphysical realm, time does not exist. Either you are it now, or you are not it at all.

This means that Brenda needs to align with the reality she has chosen, and BE the person who is currently not experiencing any symptoms.

How does she do this?

This “alignment” process has several facets to it, and we’ll cover them all in this series. But the main one we’re covering in this article involves taking her focus OFF what she doesn’t want to see in her reality, and putting her focus back onto what she desires.

Stop reacting to the 3D

The first step in this alignment process involves Brenda no longer reacting negatively to the 3D. Usually when a person can’t sleep much because of hormonal changes, this is going to cause some degree of upset or distress. Sleeplessness is hard to deal with.

However, if Brenda wants to create any change in this area, she needs to stop caring so much about the current situation, trying to change it, and fighting against it. 

How can she make this mindset shift?

By understanding that she is the source of everything she is creating in this world. 

All of us are manifesting, all of the time, whether consciously or unconsciously. Most people who are not consciously using the Law of Assumption are taking their cue from their 3D reality about what they can and can’t have.

If Brenda doesn’t know about the LOA, she may go online and do some research into menopause and find stories of people who tried everything but still suffered from menopause-related insomnia for years on end. She may then assume, based on what she is seeing in her 3D reality that this problem is not going to go away, and she might feel hopeless about creating change.

But the thing about this is, Brenda is creating everything she sees in her 3D reality. Her 3D reality is in fact nothing more than a shadow cast by Brenda, based on what she was thinking, believing and assuming, usually several weeks or a few months ago. The 3D reality is the movie projection, but Brenda is the one who is creating the movie.

This means that she can change all of it, when she changes her thoughts, her self-concept, her reactions, beliefs and assumptions.

We are the source of our 3D reality. But most of us have it the wrong way round — believing that the 3D reality is in control. It isn’t. No matter what your circumstances are, you can change them, because your 3D reality was created by you.

If you have consciously used the LOA to change something about your life that you did not want, you will have seen this in action — how quickly and completely things can shift once you change your focus. I’ve definitely seen this myself.

So once Brenda understands that the 3D is just a shadow cast by her, she can stop feeling so distressed by her 3D reality. She no longer needs to take her cues from it. Instead, she can take her power back, strip it of any authority she may have given it, and stop reacting to the 3D. 

After all, why would she react to it? It’s just something she accidentally created several weeks ago, before she knew how to create change.

Here’s how ignoring the 3D looks when you have a health condition that’s bothering you:

She treats her current symptoms with indifference because she knows they’re just temporary and subject to change now. She stops talking about them with people or complaining about symptoms. When she’s tired and sleepless, she doesn’t mention it to her spouse. She stops frequenting Facebook groups or online communities centred around dealing with the menopause. She doesn’t use the “M” word again or speak it out loud. She stops reading about it or trying to come up with a strategy or a solution (unless she really feels a really strong urge to research something connected to the menopause, which may be her Higher self leading her to a solution through her bridge of incidents.)

Releasing Importance

If Brenda struggles to stop reacting to the 3D, it may be because she hasn’t fully accepted her current situation and has attached too much importance to the change she is trying to create.

I talked more about this concept in my article about importance.

Basically, if it is really important to you that you create a particular change in your life, it’s going to be much harder to manifest. In order to be able to move to a different reality, you have to have accepted and made peace with this current reality. If you don’t make peace with it, your frustration and resistance will keep moving you back to the reality you don’t want, because what you resist, persists. Resistance causes you to focus on what you don’t want. And so you can’t change what you haven’t accepted.

In this article about importance, I encourage people who are working on manifesting something in particular to create a back-up plan. What will you do, if you don’t manage to manifest your desire?

Making a back-up plan helps you to accept where you are currently, and make peace with it. If you create a detailed plan of how you would make your life OK, even if nothing changed for you, and then you accept it, you are finally free to move to a different reality and you’re not going to need the back-up plan at all.

But if you don’t accept your current reality and really, really NEED it to change, you’re in a weak position to manifest something different. The spiritual writer Vadim Zeland says you’re effectively walking a tightrope between two high rise buildings with no safety net. You really need this to work, and that creates importance and attachment, which creates resistance, which can keep you stuck in your current reality.

So if you’re currently wanting to make a change in your health, go and read my article on importance, and make sure you come up with a back up plan for your health, accept where you are currently, and make peace with it. This can take some time, so don’t force it.

If your health condition bothers you and you struggle to accept it, you could tell yourself things like:

“Nothing in life lasts forever – this can change.” “It’s OK that I’m not sleeping much. I can deal with this.” (in Brenda’s example)

Only say these affirmations until you have reached a place of acceptance, then drop them.

Your back up plan could involve going on medication. It could involve exploring a possible alternative healing solution. It could mean a drop in income through working less. Hash out all the details of how you would make this situation OK and bearable.

Then you’re ready to move on to the next step in this process of changing your health, which is: focusing on what you do want!

In the next article, I’m going to talk about how we can do this. 

P.S. Just a final note if you’re reading this but you’re not currently in the situation where you’re sure you believe in the Law of Assumption…

I did address this situation in part 1 of my article about health and the LOA, but I also want to touch on it here. 

Cultivating belief

In order to stop reacting to the 3D, you need to take back your power and know yourself as the creator of your reality. If you aren’t there yet, here are some steps you can take:

  • If you haven’t had much success manifesting your desires, but you want to give this a go, know that the Law of Assumption is much more effective than the Law of Attraction. This can and will work for you. The Law of Assumption has completely changed my life and that of many others.
  • Check out the Neville Goddard subreddit on the Reddit website and read some of the success stories. 
  • I also recommend you build your confidence in the Law of Assumption by manifesting something small. Start with the ladder exercise. This is an exercise where you use Law of Assumption techniques to manifest the opportunity to climb a ladder. 
  • Sometimes it can be helpful to research a particular health condition and find stories of people who have created the change you would like to create. Look for evidence online that what you want to create is possible. Google phrases like “How I healed my menopause symptoms” or “I had no menopause symptoms”. Google a whole variety of different phrases which essentially say the same thing, to find a variety of stories. Remember that you will find evidence out there to support all realities you could possibly create, so you want to ignore the evidence you don’t want to see and hone in on the stories that support what you desire to create. See that it’s possible to go through menopause with no symptoms, or have symptoms initially, which fade away quickly as your body adjusts to the drop in estrogen and progesterone. Almost everything can be healed completely. The only things that can’t are genetic diseases and severe deformities. For example, if you were born without a limb, you aren’t going to be able to grow one by yourself through the Law of Assumption. If a person has a genetic disorder like cystic fibrosis, it isn’t going to disappear, but its impact can be reduced by utilising the Law of Assumption.

The next article in this series, where I discuss techniques to align further with your desired reality in the area of your health, can be found here.

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  1. Nikita

    I especially like what you wrote in ‘Here’s how ignoring the 3D looks’. I have to stop myself from searching for solutions and strategies. I’ve got those improving and maximising systems and problem-solving gifts I usually default to if something goes wrong!

    I read your importance article a while back and you’ve referenced it here. And I don’t think it matches what Neville Goddard teaches. I’ve been reading and absorbing his collection of works since you first mentioned the Law of Assumption last year (bless you for that!)

    From what I understand if something happens that you do not want, you don’t accept it. That would be Neville’s response to anything that goes wrong or is undesirable. Don’t accept it. Don’t accept the evidence of your senses. If it’s something that has already happened then use revision. But definitely do not create a backup plan because you’re saying that Plan A or your desire is likely to not happen. And if it can fail, it will fail. Particularly if you turn your attention away from your aim. In a way, you’ve got to be brave enough to put your eggs into one basket.

    I however do not disagree with releasing Attachment. Detachment seems to create the most effortless manifestations I’ve noticed but can be hard to master. While yearning and intense desire can help you identify what you want. It needs to be released in order to not create more wanting but not having.

    Just some thoughts =)

  2. Anna Sayce

    Hi Nikita,

    I love that you brought this topic up because it’s something I was just chatting to a client about.

    It is not a Neville Goddard teaching. It is something I learned from Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing book and it has been a pivotal piece in me being able to manifest what I desire.

    Manifesting a different reality using the Law of Assumption is about changing your self-concept and moving to a different reality where you are slightly different, where you have your 3D desire.

    My experience has been that if you really, really care about getting that 3D result, the emotions and resistance around it (such as frustration, fear, dread) will keep bringing you back to your old reality and keep you stuck there because you have too much fear around “what if I don’t create it?”

    It is a form of resistance.

    And what you resist persists.

    When I come up with a back up plan, I don’t focus on it extensively or visualise it like I would something I am intending to manifest. I just make sure I have made it bearable enough so that I can accept where I am. I’m not accepting it fully as my end result. Instead I’m accepting that although it is not what I want, I could live with it if it came to pass. This takes the fear out of it. (For me, this process is a game because I know it won’t occur.) The lack of fear sets me free to move. I was not able to create the changes I’ve seen in a certain health condition until I went through this process.

    The paradox here is that when you do this, you lose the resistance and you are free(r) to move to your desired reality.

    Note that this is not a Neville Goddard teaching. It’s more along the lines of Law of Attraction.

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