How to Improve Your Health Using the Law of Assumption — Part 3

This is the final instalment in the series of articles I’ve been writing on how to improve your health using the Law of Assumption.

In part 1, I looked at how to cultivate your belief that it’s possible to change your health (because many of us have been brainwashed by conventional medicine to believe it isn’t possible.) 

And in part 2, I talked about how to take your focus off what you don’t want. 

I recommend reading both of these articles before reading this one.

In this final article (part 3) I’m going to talk about how to put your focus back onto what you DO want to see in your health.

Put these 3 articles together and you have a complete roadmap for improving your health using the Law of Assumption. This roadmap is something that has worked brilliantly for me so I hope you find it helpful, too.

 OK, let’s get into it:

In order to manifest good health, you have to put your focus on what you do want to see — good health. 

How do you actually do this?

The Law of Assumption differs from other methods of manifesting in that it teaches that the most effective way to manifest is not by changing your feelings or even your beliefs, but instead by changing your self-concept and identity. Everything else, including your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes are a downstream consequence of your identity, and who you are being. 

Here’s what Neville Goddard (a prominent teacher of the Law of Assumption) said about self-concept:

“Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live.”

In short, if you want to see different results in your life, you have to change who you are being. You have to find and connect with a new version of yourself that is healthy. And in this article I’m going to teach you how to do this. 

Before I get into the HOW, I’m going to explore how and why changing your self-concept works by telling a story.

Several years ago, one of my favourite TV shows was “Nashville”, a fictional series which revolved around country music stars. My favourite character was Juliette Barnes, a teenage superstar who had a dysfunctional and abusive family background. The show told the story of Juliette battling her inner demons and past traumas while in the spotlight. Most of the drama revolved around her life spinning out of control.

Juliette was played by Hayden Panettiere. 

Something odd happened towards the final stages of the TV show. As the character Juliette’s life began to spin out of control, so did the actress’s life, in ways that uncannily reflected the storylines on the show.

Both the character and the actress had postpartum depression. Both struggled with alcohol/drug addiction. Both split up with the father of their child, lost custody of their child and ended up living in a different country from their family. 

All of this occurred during the time that Hayden was playing this character.

Of this role, Hayden said in an interview:

“When you’re that close to your character, you feel their pain and sometimes things hit close to home, and there’s been a lot of that.”

Why am I telling this story and what does it have to do with changing change in your health using the Law of Assumption?

Hayden Panettiere was using the Law of Assumption throughout that role. Of course, we’re all using the Law all of the time, but in this case Hayden was using it to create a bunch of stuff she didn’t want.

For 10 months out of the year she was showing up to work and stepping into the character of someone who was “going off the rails”. She was embracing the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings (including the pain) of that character. She was living from that place some of the time while she was at work, and so her real life began to reflect those situations she was embodying. (Note that she did all of this so well that she was nominated for a Golden Globe.)

This is how we get well and improve our health (except in the total opposite direction from how Hayden Panettiere did it.) We create a character who is in perfect health, and we become intimately acquainted with them, energetically.

Note that this is not about becoming a totally different person altogether. This path of change is not about changing who you are fundamentally – that will always stay the same. Instead, this is about shedding negative thoughts, beliefs, patterns, habits and behaviours. As discussed in part 2 of this series, this version of you that has great health, already exists on another  ‘lifeline’ or parallel reality. 

As I said in part 2 of this series on health:

“The spiritual writer and quantum physicist Vadim Zeland called this ‘shifting lifelines’. His idea was that we align with a particular reality based on what we are emitting through our intentions, thoughts, assumptions and reactions to life. The quality of the energy that we emit places us on a ‘lifeline’ that is a match for this energy. And so what you see around you in the 3D is always a match for what you are thinking, believing, assuming and feeling about life and yourself.” 

No matter what your health issue is, there exists a version of you who is experiencing great health. There also exists a version of you that has worse health than you currently have. And everything in between those two extremes also exists on countless lifelines or parallel realities.

To manifest a change in your health, you don’t have to “create” the reality you want, instead you simply need to align with the version of yourself who already has great health. 

This isn’t just a spiritual idea. This idea is also supported by science, since we now know through the field of epigenetics, that genes that create illness in the body are “switched on” by disempowered thoughts, feelings and attitudes. You cannot have good health when your attitude is disempowered. (For more on this idea, check out Candace Pert’s book Molecules of Emotion or Dr Joe Dispenza’s book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.)

In order to be in good health, you have to have a certain self-concept or mindset.

People who are physically & spiritually healthy tend to have the following in terms of mindset:

  • They have a ‘can do’ attitude and see themselves as capable of change
  • They look for solutions not problems
  • They set and defend their boundaries 
  • They speak up for themselves
  • They know they are worthy and don’t accept poor treatment from anyone
  • They aren’t preoccupied with the past or affected by past traumas
  • They welcome in their emotions, feel them, and validate them
  • They put themselves first
  • They are living in the present and no longer telling old stories about what happened to them
  • They are emotionally regulated
  • They are kind to themselves and love themselves. 

Here is what Caroline Myss, medical intuitive and author (who has studied the energetics of health and healing for decades) has to say about changing health:

“(Creating) health represents a complex progression into a state of personal empowerment in which one has to move from a condition of vulnerability to one of invincibility, from victim to victor, from silent bystander to aggressive defender of personal boundaries.”

So, if you want to change your health, the evidence (both scientific and spiritual) suggests you do need to change the self, to some degree or other. If you have a serious, long-standing and chronic illness, your path of transformation will be more extensive and isn’t going to happen overnight. If you only have a health niggle (something minor), the adjustment you have to make will be much smaller. 

OK, so now hopefully I’ve convinced you that changing your self-concept is the key to improving health. 

How do you do this?

What you need to do is find a version of yourself that was never ill in the first place. 

If you feel your health condition was caused by a particular event or decision (or series of decisions) you made, you can go back to that point in your life and come up with a different lifeline that you ended up on instead, where you never made the choices that you feel contributed towards the health situation you have now. And connect with the character who is living on that lifeline. 

If you’re not sure what the roots of your current health situation are, ask your higher self to show you a scene that your healthy self is experiencing. Or you could make one up yourself. Ask yourself, what would this healthy version of yourself be doing? 

Come up with a scene that celebrates and encapsulates your newfound health. It needs to be something that feels exciting to you. 

For example: if you want to be able to go jogging but you currently cannot, see yourself running outside and feeling strong, free, powerful, full of stamina & get-up-and-go. 

If you have insomnia, envision yourself waking up refreshed and happy after a wonderful night’s sleep. And then see yourself bouncing out of bed, excited to get on with the day.

See all the details of this visualisation: What can you see? What are you wearing? What are the other people wearing? What can you hear? How are you feeling? Are you indoors? What does the room look like?

Remember to replay the scene from a first person perspective, feeling everything about it — touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing. In the beginning, write out your scene or describe it out loud so you can connect with all the details. If you’re walking outside for example, feel the temperature of the air, hear the crackle of foliage underfoot. See what you’re wearing on your feet. Feel the sunlight streaming through the trees and hitting your face.

When visualising, bring the scene into your body. Ask the other version of you (who has your desired level of health) to come into your body and lend you her energy. See her as an energy field that is superimposed over yours now.

Have a think about what is the energy you are looking for by creating a better level of health. For most people, it is freedom to pursue their goals, to exercise and move around, and to enjoy life.

Stand up and ask your higher self to bring in the energy your scene evokes in you. If it is a sense of ‘freedom’, give it a colour and have it come into all your cells through the crown chakra. Say to yourself, freedom is now entering my head, my face, my shoulders, my chest etc. Until your whole being is filled with that energy. Breathe in the energy and rejoice in it for a few moments.

You can do this with any energy you’re needing more of right now e.g. freedom, expansion, joy or safety. 

The more you connect with this other version of yourself who is living in a parallel reality, with your desired level of health, the closer you get to having that in your life.

To connect with this avatar further, ask questions such as:

  • What kind of conversations is she having?
  • What are her daily habits? Is there anything different about them from your current daily habits?
  • What kind of thoughts does she has?
  • How does she habitually feel?
  • What is her posture like?
  • How does she walk?
  • What’s her financial situation like?
  • What does she enjoy in her spare time?
  • How does she feel about herself?
  • What’s her relationship like?
  • How does she dress?

Really get to know this new character so that you can embody him/her. 

To further embody this character, you can also say affirmations such as:

“I’m so lucky that I have so much energy.”

“I’m such a good sleeper. I always get great sleep.”

“I love that I finally feel so free to pursue my goals and dreams”

But make sure that when you say such affirmations, celebrate them as if they are true. Don’t just parrot them mindlessly. 

This is how you manifest a new reality.

It isn’t about “getting” in the 3D. It’s about experiencing and ‘becoming’ it in the 4D reality (so, in your mind.) When you do this, your 3D reality will start to shift. 

BUT you must persist at it and you have to be consistent. You need to visualise or affirm daily. Just like an actor, you have to rehearse being this new ‘persona’ until it becomes completely natural to you. You cannot embody your new character for 10 minutes per day and then go back to a negative way of thinking. 

What many people do is make an effort to do this for a couple of weeks, see no change and then give up. You have to keep at it until you have mastered and practised each concept I’ve mentioned in this series of articles about health, until you have truly changed on the inside. If you have a serious, longstanding illness, this may take time. 

What this process often looks like when it’s successful

Often you can spend months mastering the concepts in the 3 articles I’ve published on using the Law to change your health. You may not see any change in that time because you haven’t managed to be consistent in changing your thoughts, attitudes and self-concept. Then one day, it clicks. That’s when your reality starts to show signs of changing and continues to change over time.  

This is the most typical scenario that I’ve seen for people who made big changes to their health. Changing overnight is possible, but it’s not the most likely scenario.

Now let’s look at how changes in your 3D can unfold

You don’t need to come up with a strategy to reach your desire in the area of health — just do what is presented to you and what feels like the right thing. The Bridge of Incidents will make it really obvious if you need to take some kind of action. You may be prompted towards taking certain actions which will improve your health in the 3D or a greater level of wellbeing perhaps will just come to you, or maybe you will experience both of those things.

Sometimes in order to make a big change to our health, we need to make significant changes to our life. For example, to get the results that I’ve seen in improving my health over the last 18 months, I found I could no longer have certain family members in my life who were very dear to me, but also causing me a lot of stress because of a chaotic lifestyle that they were living. 

You may find that to create change in your health, you need to make a change to a relationship, your work life or your living situation. Sometimes your health gets worse while you make the changes that present themselves to you as necessary. (Note that the bridge of incidents isn’t always easy.) But then things can get better once you’ve made the changes you needed to make. 

Big life changes are not always a part of the bridge of incidents, but they can be. Don’t start the process of manifesting perfect health unless you’re prepared for that, because once you set this in motion, the Bridge of Incidents will remove or alter anything that is blocking a complete return to health for you. 

And don’t stress about the how. You don’t need to know how you are going to improve your health — that’s not your job. You just need to take the actions that you feel guided to take, and it’ll be made really obvious to you if there is something you need to do as part of this process. 

If you’d like to go over them again, here are the 3 articles in this series about health:

Here is a list of affirmations which can help you to manifest good health:

Further reading:

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