Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Cutting Energetic Cords

Cord cutting is a healing modality that allows a person to clear negative emotional energies relating to a past experience or relationship.

Negative cords are energetic structures that connect our energy body to someone else’s energy body. They are formed wherever we become interested in someone as a person or attached to someone emotionally. And cutting them can help us to move beyond difficult dynamics, experiences and relationships.

Not all cords are worth cutting. Some are rather minor and some are bigger (i.e. more significant) cords. We most commonly form big cords with family members, partners, friends, employers and relationships where the power dynamic has been unequal, such as abusive relationships.

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I’ve been cutting cords for myself and for clients for over a decade and so I have learned a lot about what does and doesn’t work, when it comes to cord cutting. So here are the top 4 mistakes people make when attempting to cut a cord for themselves or for someone else.

1. Trying to cut a cord in a 1-2 minute process by calling on the Archangels (& expecting this to make a permanent difference to your life)

If it takes you 1-2 mins to cut a cord and it’s a really simple & quick process that you’re using, you aren’t actually doing a cord cutting. Instead you’re cutting your psychic ties to someone. Here’s the difference between the two:

Psychic ties are tiny energetic connections that we form to pretty much anyone that we interact with, even if it is just inside our minds, so anyone that we think of, see on the TV, read about in the news. These small ties are not personal, we can form them with anyone, and they don’t weigh us down so much, but we can still benefit from clearing them. Cutting these ties is super quick and easy and is recommended for empaths, and it is something you can do every day or every week.

Negative cords, on the other hand, are more substantial energetic connections that we form with someone when there is meaning and substance to our relationship/experience with that person. Negative cords aren’t as impersonal or as temporary as psychic ties. They also take longer to cut, and for it to be done right, there should be several steps to the process. And unlike cutting psychic ties, you should only need to do it once.

Now onto another common mistake people make when cutting a cord for themselves:

2. Calling on spirit guides or angels to help you with your cord cutting

Did you know there are two main types of being that we usually work with in the spiritual realm?

Firstly, there’s the astral-level beings, which include spirit guides, earthbound spirits, elementals and guardian angels. They are called astral-level beings because they reside in the astral realm/planes. These beings are used primarily for psychic insight — not healing.

The beings that we call on for spiritual healing are the Divine beings, which include Archangels and Ascended Masters (they are called Divine beings because they exist in the Divine realm.)

If you’re a healer, you need to understand the distinction between these two realms and stay away from using astral-level beings in your work. In a healing session, you should only work with beings from the Divine realm. If you call on astral-level beings like Spirit Guides and Guardian angels, you’ll find yourself getting tired because these types of spirit being are not so effective when it comes to transmuting and clearing negative energy. It’s the Divine beings who do that, not the astral beings. Involve the astral beings and you’ll find you’re trying to do some of the clearing and transmuting of negative energy yourself. Not fun!

Let’s move onto the third common mistake people make in their approach to cord cutting:

3. Cutting a really big cord on your own

The biggest cords we will form will usually be to our parents (no matter what those relationships were/are like). We can also form really big cords to those who wronged/abused us in some way. I personally feel that it is not a good idea to cut these large cords without help from a professional cord cutting practitioner. The reason for this is because we need to be both client and practitioner at the same time. That’s fine if you are a skilled healer and you’re cutting a minor cord or one that isn’t so impactful. But it is harder to effectively cut larger cords of your own, especially when you’re not a skilled healer. When I cut the cord to my parents, I had someone else do it for me. I don’t think I could make the space for healing of that magnitude on my own, when it was my own healing that I was dealing with. But I can of course do this for clients, because I’m only in the role of healer, and it’s one I’m used to. Plus I am detached from their situation.

OK, so now let’s look at the fourth mistake people can make when cord cutting:

4. Cutting cords in the wrong order

When doing cord cutting for clients, one of the things I’ve learned is that there tends to be a set order that Spirit wants us to do the work of cord cutting in, and at the beginning of a session, it is wise to tune in and ask, which of these possible cords, would be the best one to cut today?

For example, let’s say that Janet is thinking of cutting the cord to her mother who left when she was a little girl, and she never saw her again.

But she also has a cord to her ex-husband that she’s thinking of cutting — and he was a person who was generally unreliable/ unavailable to her, and he left, too.

And then there’s an ex-boyfriend, who she broke up with because he would often disappear for days on end and then pop up again like nothing had happened.

So if we look at these three relationships, we can see that for Janet, there’s a pattern of relationships with unavailable people who end up leaving.

I would call Janet’s cord to her mother the “primary” cord and the cord to her ex-husband and the ex-boyfriend “secondary” cords. This is because a pattern of an unavailable parent was established first, and formed the basis for the other two relationships, in terms of what felt familiar to Janet, or what she was conditioned to tolerate in relationships, based on her early life experiences.

From a logical standpoint, when deciding which cord to cut out of these three, you might think it is a good idea to start with the biggest one — the cord to Janet’s mother. But what I find is most commonly is that Spirit wants us to do a bit of groundwork first, before we get to the big cords. Often you need to choose the right moment to have the biggest cord cutting you’ll ever have done. And so Spirit may want you to cut one or both of the secondary cords, first, to prepare the ground, energetically speaking.

Sometimes you’ll find that it’s also OK to jump in and cut the biggest cord, but the point I’m making is that you absolutely should be guided by Spirit, and ask what the next step is. That way, your cord cutting will be in Divine timing, and will have the best results.

It can be counterproductive if you or a client is not ready to cut a large cord, but you plough ahead anyway. Most of the time, you should only need to cut a cord once, but if you cut it when you weren’t ready, you may find it isn’t resolved and needs more work.

This is why it is important to get guidance, and it is clear that we need to be tuned in to intuition in order to be effective cord cutting practitioners.

So that concludes this article on mistakes to avoid when cutting energetic cords.

Cord cutting, as a relationship healing modality, can be hugely effective, if you know what you are doing and you avoid the four “potholes” that are mentioned above.

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If you have any questions, please leave me a comment below.

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