Why Auric Capacity Matters for Manifesting Your Desires in Life (& How to Build It)

According to the teachings of the Law of Assumption, the contents of your subconscious mind manifest your 3D reality. This is correct, but it’s only one part of the story.

The subconscious mind is part of your auric field. The entirety of your auric field (your “being”) is what manifests your 3D reality.

As I understand it, you receive vital life force from the Creator, and you process this through your auric field and condition it with the contents of your auric field (your emotionalised thoughts, reactions, beliefs, assumptions and the dominant energetic “quality” of your being) and you send this energy out from the front of your energy body into the quantum field, and your 3D reality re-arranges itself to match the quality of what you are emitting.

Your 3D reality is a reflection of who you are being, in the entirety of your auric/energy field.

Your auric field is composed of multiple energy bodies layered on top of one another. It’s also composed of other systems, such as your chakra system, meridian system, your subconscious mind (which is a part of your aura) and all kinds of information about your soul, including the patterns you came into this lifetime with (from past lives) – which are reflected in the chakra system.

If your energy field is small and the energy doesn’t flow well, you’ll be stuck in your 3D life.

If your energy field is expansive, big and flowing, your 3D life will flow and there will be expansive opportunities.

In this article I’m going to talk specifically about one of the things that can commonly block our manifesting capacity: a small, depleted energy field.

What constitutes a small energy field?

A small energy field is when the energy field (which should normally be up to 1-2 metres outside of the body) is depleted and reduced in size. In some cases, it can be so small that it looks ‘shrink wrapped’ (as a Craniosacral therapist I work with, calls it) to the body and at the point of collapse.

If your energy field is tiny, you have no energy to create and you are more likely to stay stuck in present circumstances.

If your energy field is spacious, full of light and big, you have plenty of energy at your disposal for conscious creation and manifesting your desired reality will be easier.

A small energy field occurs when we are being depleted by our life situation and relationships, and/or by our own negative thinking. It can also occur when we are not balancing energy depletion with energy nourishment.

Manifesting your desired reality may involve building your energy field so that you have more energy at your disposal for conscious creation. This is a more holistic view of conscious creation that you may want to consider if you have trouble manifesting your desires in life.

I’ve seen two manifesting teachers address this concept in their work (Dr Joe Dispenza and Vadim Zeland.) But I haven’t seen it discussed elsewhere. Personally I think this applies to manifesting anything.

A total collapse of the energy field

When I was acutely ill a couple of years ago, my energy field was collapsed, small and empty of light and energy. This kind of energy collapse can also be seen in people who are depressed, going through a lot of stress or burnout, and people in “survival mode” who have been there for a while.

This kind of burnout and depletion in the auric field is a big deal because this is the place where illness can manifest. When your energy field is depleted, your body has no energy for growth and repair, and it starts to break down. Once illness takes hold, it’s much harder to remove it — prevention is easier than cure. So I encourage everyone reading to actively take steps to build their energy field, not just for manifesting but for general health.

Here are the signs your energy body is too small and your manifesting capacity is stunted (note that you can sometimes quickly change the state of your energy body…depending on the scale of the depletion, so not all of the points below are necessarily cause for concern:)

  • You are tired
  • Your breathing is shallow or restricted
  • You have low HRV (heart rate variability)
  • You often feel stressed
  • Your muscles or fascia feel tight
  • You’re ill
  • You are burned out or heading that way
  • You feel stuck in life and your efforts to create change don’t produce results
  • You want change but you’re completely lacking in motivation to create it

Next I’m going to talk about what you need to do to build your energy field and ensure you have enough energy to create the life and circumstances you desire.

Let’s have a look first of all at what depletes the energy field.

Where are you leaking energy?

Stress and stressful relationships

Stress can deplete the energy field. The scale of the stress matters. If something is so stressful it’s very traumatic, it can deplete the energy field a lot. If it’s a small stress, it will only deplete very slightly.

Toxic people and dynamics

Toxic people and dynamics in relationships are the number one thing that depletes the energy field.

There are people in the world who use others to bolster their energy field and these people are like energy thieves. Usually these are people who were parented inadequately or went through trauma in childhood and this created a void inside of them that they feel they cannot fill. They have no idea how to generate wellbeing from the inside and they depend on circumstances and relationships in the external world to feel OK about themselves. These people also perceive a strong sense of separation from Source and from the rest of the world. They think they need energy from others to fuel their life. They tear others down to build themselves up. These are your narcissists and emotional vampires, in psychological terms.

They commonly create drama and upset and then suck up the emotional energy that is directed their way. These people can deplete our energy field to the point that we get sick.

Clairvoyantly, I can see a narcissistic or energy vampire relationship where one person is fuelling the other.

In a healthy, loving relationship there is a solid connection between two people that looks like a green soul tie. Love and healthy regard is flowing back and forth between these two people freely and the connection is filled with that solid, heart-centred green energy. These are relationships that are healthy, mature and stable, and characterised by respect and care.

When a relationship is toxic, unhealthy or narcissistic, I see a cord between two people that is filled with sharp splinters of different coloured energy. There are a few splinters of green love energy in the connection but it’s mostly empty space filled with tiny splinters of lots of different types of energy. This type of connection may feel very intense and “busy”, with a lot of “chemistry” and a strong, magnetic pull, but it isn’t peaceful or stable. It depletes the energy field, usually of one of the people involved. If you feel an intense, magnetic and intoxicating pull towards someone, take note. Often it can be a toxic connection.

If you have a narcissist in your life who creates a lot of drama for you, your manifesting capacity will be stunted. Too much energy is going out to the narcissist or energy vampire and your energy field will be depleted as a result.

These people who deplete us don’t always have bad intentions — sometimes they are just behaving unconsciously according to their childhood programming. But they can still deplete us.

If you remove people who create a lot of stress in your life or restrict their access to you, you will build your energy field by keeping your energy for yourself. This is sometimes easier said than done, but I think it’s one of the best ways to take care of ourselves and increase our capacity to create the life we want.

Christiane Northrup, a women’s health doctor said in her book ‘Dodging Energy Vampires’ that she noticed that the women she’s worked with who have serious illnesses almost always have a toxic individual or narcissist in their lives who is drawing on their energy field. This can deplete them to such an extent that they are emptied out and that is when illness manifests in the body.

So, toxic connections can deplete the energy field to the point of exhaustion and even make us ill.

Grudges and a focus on the past

Something else that depletes your energy field is a focus on the past.

The medical intuitive Carolyn Myss explained this as follows: let’s say that you have $100 of energy per day given to you by the Creator.

(We all receive the same amount of life force from the Divine Intelligence. It’s how we use that energy that accounts for the varying results in our 3D.)

One person may spend $0 of their energy on the past whereas someone else may spend $75 of their $100 on the past. Carolyn Myss calls this “keeping a vigil at the tombs of the dead”. It takes tremendous energy to keep the past (aka the dead) alive.

If you spend a lot of mental energy thinking about your past or thinking about your ex and what he/she did to victimise you, or thinking about your parent and what a jerk they were, you are losing energy to the past. This will deplete your energy field, open you up to ill health, and stunt your ability to manifest what you do want.

How do you stop doing this?

Forgive and let go. Set the intention and pray to your higher self that a bridge of incidents opens up that allows you to let go and forgive. Note that forgiving does not necessarily mean trusting the person again or being involved with them. It’s more about releasing yourself and the other person from what happened.

Revise the events that caused the grudge.

Notice when you are thinking about the past during your day, interrupt those thoughts and put your focus elsewhere — on the future you want to create. Keep a mental diet.

How to build the energy body to give you more capacity to manifest the life you want

To take care of your energy body you need to balance anything that depletes you with those things that nourish you.

Here are some of my favourites for nourishing the energy body:

  • Taking care of the body – enough sleep, downtime, nourishing food, movement/exercise
  • Joe Dispenza’s meditations (these will build the energy field nicely – particularly the meditations in his ‘Synchronising Your Energy: to’ series…i.e. Synchronise Your Energy to: Health)
  • Positive visualisation/SATS
  • Yoga (when practised regularly this works to remove blocks to vital life force in the energy and physical bodies)
  • Craniosacral therapy – one of my absolute favourites to build the energy field
  • Gratitude
  • Acupuncture/acupressure
  • Vadim Zeland, in his amazing book Reality Transurfing has an exercise called “turning on your energy fountains” which involves expanding the capacity of your energy field by moving energy through the central meridians. I do this exercise daily and recommend it. (It can be found 51% of the way through the Kindle book.)

You can also find a complete list of measures to increase auric capacity towards the end of this article.

Further Reading:

I offer a free online resource for manifesting your desired reality using the Law of Assumption — it’s a collection of online articles which are presented in the right order so that you can use them as a ‘how to’ guide. It’s quite a comprehensive resource and can help take you from A to B with almost any intention. You can find that here.

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  1. Ali

    Hi Anna!

    Read your article on karmic debt. Yep, it is a big task. I am not sure if this applies to me but looking at my experiences seems to apply.

    Since 2019, when I was told by both medical and spiritual teachers to take a break (due to burnout), I have been on a rollercoaster. I broke up with my life partner, I discovered I was sick, I changed two jobs (where I was doing the work of 2/3 people and being in the middle of power struggles), and finally moved out of the country where most of this started. I yelled at people (via emails and texts) and told them harsh things about who they were (and later to realize they were in it for the benefit of being helped and not caring about reciprocating). I burned bridges with many other people who fell into this box. Well, last month (after having a dream with two of them), I discovered they both published books that help others (a bit mindblowing cause one of them is contributing to a field and moving it forward).

    Since I moved back to my birth country I was able to slow down and incorporate more practices to make progress towards recovery, which I did. It is not perfect but changes are happening. I used the DICCC method created by Marisa Peer. I also found myself contemplating my past and remembered what one spiritual guide said to me back in 2019 “You have a disregulated gland, you can’t relax…”. Well, only in January of this year did I realize it is the amygdala, the fight/flight/freeze response to stress. I am trying to use somatic techniques now.

    There is more to say and it is hard to put it in words in linear sentences right now. But yeah, I committed myself 3.5 years ago by saying “I got myself into this, I will take myself out”. But then, I see that a lot of this maybe it is not my fault. Why did I blame myself for other’s people nonsense? Maybe my job is to learn how to deal with it better, like get out of bad situations and not think it is my fault. It wasn’t! Was it my fault that my mom yelled at us and that she was stressed? Nope. Was it my fault that my ex-boyfriend’s father was abusive to him and he in return was a violent sociopath? Nope. Was it my fault that my so-called best childhood friend had high society parents who ignored her and she was depressed for most of her life and trying to control and manipulate others? Nope. Was it my fault that my life partner’s mom told him to “make friends with the best kids in class” for survival and I ended up being one of them? Or that she is the queen of passive aggression and her son never learned about emotional vulnerability? Nope. Was I supposed to heal these people? Or was I supposed to see myself in them? I have no idea, Anna.

    Lately, I ask for help and it comes in articles or strange calls on my phone that I never made. When I am at my worst, some friend calls me out of the blue on what’s up….” hi, you called me? While my voice in my head…hmmm, no, you called me!” So my What’s Up app does magic now.

    Or the other week, when I was watching TV at 2 am, the TV went off three times while my neighbor’s car alarm started to ring…. Ok, I will turn off my TV. Thank you, guys, whoever you are.

    Or that some moments in the day I feel like I am in a simulation. I have no free will, I say things I never thought before of, I do things I seem to not have control of…..and wonderring what is this sick game we are all in? Is someone playing games with us? Am I even real?

    But yes, I pray, and I think I am in it for whatever comes up. And boy has it been the freaking ride….!!
    I also found myself reflecting and contemplating everything (especially since I had memory impairment in the past 3.5 years due to yeast overgrowth) and going back to my soul’s origin. That brings me tears. If I was that soul on that magical planet, then I am everything. I don’t need anything but that place. That is home and this is just a sick game. I also found myself saying to the Divine….” you come down here, you mf-ing do this instead of me….cause I am pretty sure, if I had a choice, I would have said NOO!” I would never agree to do this.

    Anyway, here is my rant.

    I think maybe what we all need at this point, on this planet, is more love and community. Love for ourselves and then for others. I think that if others see that they are not alone in this experience, maybe they will feel better about themselves. Or feel that they have some type of support. So more techniques/writing to discover some love and calm in ourselves. I think that’s where I would start. And I believe things get easier from there with whatever they want to accomplish. Maybe if people felt more love then they would not want money or fame. The rest of that nonsense just dissipates. And yes, I agree that some spiritual men have less insight/depth. They are surface thinkers (maybe like Goddard). It has happened to me as well to get advice from spiritual leaders (with a male gender) and when looking back I just want to scream at them for their lack of depth. And I did, not scream, but told some of them, “This is nonsense, stop or change it”.

    Thank you, Anna! I am so glad to be able to open up this way and say what I think and feel on your platform. Thank you for providing this space and hope it wasn’t too much,


    • Anna Sayce

      Hi Ali, Thank you for sharing and sending you much love on your path! Anna


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