Intuitive Experiment #34 – Have a Go at Reading This Person!

It’s time for another Intuitive Experiment!

The Intuitive Experiment is a very popular and much-demanded exercise that I offer on this website periodically. The exercise involves me posting the photo of an obscure public figure for you lovely lot to have a go at ‘reading’, using the photo posted. Then, one week later, I post a detailed biography of the person in question, based on your collective feedback & insights.

There’s a few reasons I do these intuitive experiments on my blog:

1. So that intuitive newbies can have a go at ‘tuning in’ to a photo, to see what they can pick up, thus practising using their intuitive skills.

2. It’s fun

3. For established readers to show off their skills (just kidding, although a few participants tend to do really well on these exercises.)

When you’re developing your intuitive skills, you learn by DOING. The way that an intuitive can improve is through exploring how one receives one’s insights, and whether they are correct. I’ll give you an example, If you’re reading for people regularly, you might get a lot of imagery (through your clairvoyance) but perhaps you find that you often misinterpret these or don’t seem to be able to make sense of them. But on the other hand, you could find that you get clearer info through claircognizance (i.e. in the form of ‘Divine downloads’). So these exercises can give you information about how your intuition operates and how you can further hone it.

With that said, here is the person we’re reading for this one:

(If you recognise him, please don’t post in the comments or on Facebook as it ruins it for other people.)

If you’re not sure how to approach this exercise or you’ve never done it before, here are some tips:

  • Have the photo in front of you on your computer (or print it off if you prefer and hold it in your hands)
  • Do some meditation or deep breathing. My preferred way of preparing myself for this via breath work, is through a long inhalation through my nose, holding my breath and then exhaling through my mouth slowly
  • Ask a Divine-level being to be with you (this is an Archangel or an Ascended Master)
  • Then imagine that you are sitting across a table from this person and holding their hands in yours…ask the man, “what kind of person are you?” and “what is important to you?”
  • See what you pick up in response. Write down everything, no matter how weird or inconsequential seeming

You might see something via your’s mind eye, you might hear a word or a sentence about him, you could just get a feeling about him or maybe you just ‘know’ something or make a judgment about him based on the photo. Keep the deep breathing going if you feel like you’re not getting anything.

Just a note that if you get a ‘feeling’ about him, positive or negative, don’t stop there – try to expand on it. Often getting an intuitive insight is like following breadcrumbs — you find one little piece, then you have to go on to the next. Where does your first insight take you? Follow that until you’ve got a more rounded out picture.

Please post your insights as a comment below, or if you are shy, you can email me with your impressions. 

And if you want even more detailed guidelines for reading this man, download the worksheet below!


& Find out the identity of the man in the photo

Results of Intuitive Experiment #34

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  1. Atlanta

    The dates 1830 and 1879 appeared to me.
    I saw a ladder, but I don’t think it was related to a job more of a ‘climber his way up’ to get to where he was.
    I see dry terrain , smell horse and cattle, maybe his childhood.
    I saw trains.. did he make money from the rails? Or maybe was well travelled. I saw a train going through a tunnel..
    I believe he found love. I saw a lavender coloured rose. Was her name Rose, maybe it was a garden where she/they spent time.
    I see a young girl but not clearly. Maybe she died young or if he was well travelled, maybe he didn’t see her as much as he should’ve.
    Machinery comes to mind …
    His name .. Joseph and Reynold, it keeps changing?

  2. Dorothy Barnes

    He’s looking at me as if he knows me. Trying to tell me something. The Titanic flashed through my mind. Gentle, serious, empathic, gone too soon. Split image, double, twin? Two sides of self? Wealthy. Fading away.

  3. Lacey Weatherford

    My very first thought was, “He’s a psychic.” After that I simply felt he was very knowledgeable and maybe helped in making big decisions about important things, perhaps even working with governments or something like that.

  4. Koukla Mel

    This is someone who had an enquiring mind, he was the quiet type but he had a sharp mind. The word entrepreneur pops in. This bloke had humble beginning a and became wealthy in adulthood. There would be no point in trying to pull the wool over this mans all seeing eyes, he sees everything and could be shrewd if required. I see three children. I think you would be able to find books or other publications written by this gentleman. Involved in politics at some point. I think he passed around at the age of this photo.

  5. alison ormiston

    I get the name James and possibly heart problems and asthma or belabored breathing. I feel he had a connection to the law or was a lawyer and was a father. Ha! Anything correct?

  6. Wayne

    This man struggled with his emotions. An internal fight. Clocks. Big clocks. Hated the ticking. Birds. liked watching birds. Might have doodles birds. Leather sketch book. I see sweating and feverish. Yelling in pain. Something about the sun and the moon. Dreamed about being able to fly or go into space to visit other planets. This man was ridiculed and was made to feel small. Called crazy. I see him running. Books dropping from his case. A gun was pulled on him a set of times. Red haired woman. Reminds me of “Rose” from Titanic. Friend…wants to be more than friends. Dark haired man…might have been more than friends. Has a well known saying about Strength and Will-power. Feel this person being well versed in a lot of things. Music, inventions, writing. He hated everything he did, because he thought No one would like it, so he beat himself up without anyone experiencing what he had to offer.

  7. Tequi

    I get he was an intuitive. He “read air.”

  8. Mary

    My very 1st thought was he seems unkind.
    Then i thought he had something to came to mind. But then i looked into his eyes..i felt him looking back at me like he was trying to hypnotize me..or read my mind..psychic abilities…he may have traveled in a carnival type sideshow?

  9. Susie

    The first thing I thought was Harry Houdini or a magician. Then the Titanic popped in my mind. I believe he worked on the ship or was involved in the design.

  10. Chelsea

    I received he is American and a teacher of some sort, teaching others or maybe guiding them.

  11. Jeanette Lawrence

    My intuition pop up gave me what the person did and his name. I won’t say who it is but I did check it and my intuition was spot on.

  12. Melissa

    I saw cards so thought he was a magician or someone who worked with cards ????
    I also thought he might of been a psychic he has strong eyes as if he knows something about the unknown

  13. Violet

    Someone with a conservative and privileged upbringing, but who preferred to live a more unconventional and artistic life in his adult years (music, writing)?
    Intelligent, strongly intuitive but mentally unstable (mood swings). Difficult dynamics with his mother? The look in his eyes can make people uncomfortable, dark side to him. His lifestyle deteriorated as he got older, tragic end?

  14. RoseAnne

    I felt he was an a stout businessman. Introspective thinker. Spoke only when he needed to and then with very specific in his words. Direct, but knew how to enjoy himself. Very interested in Cars. Either as a business or a hobby.

  15. RoseAnne

    Correction on spelling from my post above:
    I felt he was an “astute” businessman. Introspective thinker. Spoke only when he needed to and then with very specific in his words. Direct, but knew how to enjoy himself. Very interested in Cars. Either as a business or a hobby.

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  16. Julie

    When I first looked at him I got a horrible feeling, as if he did something wrong or something bad happened to him. I got between 1880 and 1910. I could hear music violin or piano and the name Herbert.

  17. Sherry Berman

    He is a deep thinker. His father was very rough on him as a kid and he does not really trust anyone. He has two sides to him, the public figure is nice but aloof then there is the dark side that he can never get away from. He is married and has kids but not engaged at all. He is always in his head. He trust no one.

  18. Lisa

    My first feeling was of a charmer, and good humor, then I felt horse racing, sports or a gambler. Musician popped into my mind and bank. I got that he whistled and a feeling he did not care for women that much.

  19. Kathleen

    A sensitive man, possibly European. I feel he had a special connection with children, but may have been misunderstood, He was kind and introspective, He may not have had any of his own children, but was always an advocate. He might have been a gay man.

  20. Deb

    I felt a relation to you. His eyes hold the intense feelings of uneasiness. Feel that he has abilities and traveled a lot but came to a sudden death. A family with three children keep reoccurring around 1930’s. I feel he had an experience in his past that changed his life but never got over.

  21. AK

    A composer. Something happened to his right hand? An accident? I think he has 3-4 children and his wife’s sister is involved either in his downfall (an affair) or in the caretaking of the children somehow. Died somewhat young (50s).

  22. Maggie

    I got an image of big turning gears or wheels, or perhaps the railroad. His work msy have been mechanical? I thought he may have wanted to dress and perform as a glamorous female, was attracted to the idea of the stage performance.

  23. Riley

    Very cleary an Angelic being…most likely a Powers Angelic. They tend to struggle with bi-polar tendancies, depression, stress an /or anxiety at various points. Natural healer and medical intuitive. Misunderstood as being “dark” but that is how Powers tend to be perceived. Strong connection to Alien Federations and Galactic Councils, leading to a “quirkiness” personality.

  24. Diane

    He was raised with privilege. His father was very critical of him and he did not fair well with his mother either. He is out to make money at the expense of others. He has a work force of women perhaps in a factory. The women work in very poor circumstances but he doesn’t care.

  25. Sandra Serna

    First flash was “Jekyll and Hyde”..very strong feeling. This is a royal, I believe. Felt it but then saw the crown on the chair. I do not like this man…get a feeling of weakness, (maybe in character) from the mouth. Gets what he wants but in a passive aggressive way? If I held his hand, I feel it would be clammy. Homosexual or some sort of different sexual preferences. I do not feel this man would have had children. Not any he claimed, anyway. I get 1934 but doesn’t seem to match the picture. Can’t get rid of “Jekyll and Hyde”.

  26. Elizabeth

    “Railway” was the first thing that popped into my head. And I felt some unbalance or psychosis.

  27. Violet

    I’m still learning, so let’s see if I picked up on anything…

    First I got the name James, or maybe John. Something starting with J.
    He has a family, a wife and two small boys.
    Lives in a small town.
    Loves to read, and spends a lot of time in libraries.

    I got the feeling that he’s a loving, understanding, and empathetic character, but also very tired, and very scared and nervous about something. I felt he knows something that others don’t, that he has a big secret.
    So he’s probably scared that someone might find out his secret? And exhausted from the burden of having to carry the secret with no one to share it with.

    I felt he grew up on a farm, and didn’t have a happy childhood. His father was very abusive. I saw images of both physical violence (beating and spanking, probably not so uncommon at that time), but also images of a child getting insulted verbally by his father.

  28. John Randolph

    My initial impression was that he was a thinker or philosopher. possibly of a metaphysical nature? He’s a good person, concerned with both individual growth and that of all humanity. [the following are from the worksheet from the Intuitive Awakening course]. Yes, I would trust this person with things that are dear to me. Yes, he speaks his truth overtly. I felt he had good intentions … he wants me to grow inside, likewise humanity as a whole. The characteristics I saw were awareness, logical thinking and being organized. For archetypes, I felt he was likely a Seeker/Protector of Truth, an Analyzer, and Imparting Information and Communication. I flashed on Krishnamurti, or some Eastern philosophy expert. When I asked if there was anything else I needed to know about this person, I heard he was dead but that his legacy lives on.

    Looking forward to the “Big Reveal” Anna!

  29. g

    Immediate thought was writer of some sort and there was some sort of cooking.
    Power is important to him. He sees inside people clearly when he wants to understand their motives

    Power is more important to him than money but he’s able to get money too. But he’s not a top person, more like they are the resourceful aide to powerful people.
    This is the person you might call if you did something wrong and needed to clean up your image. He just gets the job done.

  30. Maureen

    A brilliant mind but misunderstood. Writing papers, documents. What he says is not always taken seriously and he is defensive about his life. A strong willed go-getter who has ideas and implements them. Close to a woman, she reminds me of Farrah Faucet. He loved beautiful women. Was close to his mother, too. He had to fight for, what feels like, his life.

  31. Frittz

    He spends long hours “listening” to people. He is of the upper class. There are dining tables of food around him………..glistening wine glasses and white table cloths.

  32. Ryan

    I’ll look and see. I work at a cemetery and as people pass away I get the emotions from some deceased. I’ve had spirits attached to me in the past before the cemetery so I dont know how to go about this. A teacher has kids divorced or wife passed away. Studied music. Mid late 1800s. From England. advanced at arts. Peaceful person.

  33. Ryan

    Mid to late 1800s teacher with kids wife divorced or deceased. Advanced in arts music and very peaceful person most times. From England

  34. Anna Sayce

    Hi Ryan, good to see you have a go on this one!

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